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Disclaimer:  I am not a licensed medical professional nor do I pretend to be one on this site.  My suggestions are based on my personal experience and are not intended to be taken as medical advice.  It is important that you do your own research before deciding to try anything you read on the internet.

Honey Facial Cleansing

I had tried almost every affordable skin cleanser, name brand or otherwise,  and nothing ever worked.  It's not that I had terrible skin, its just that it rarely looked or felt balanced.   I began to think about all the ingredients in the cleansers and how many of them were probably unnecessary.  I imagined that before all these man made ingredients and chemicals, there had to be something simple and natural that would work for my skin.   I read about using honey as a facial cleanser on awebsite called   Apparently honey is moisturizing, has antioxidantsand functions as an antibacterial agent.   It sounded like everything I wanted and needed so I tried it and immediately noticed a difference.  My skin felt clean but not dry or itchy, my complexion became more even and after a few days it actually glowed.  I even noticed a significant reduction in breakouts and blackheads.  Two years later, I am still using honey twice a day to clean my face. 

To use honey as a facial cleanser:  I recommend using organic honey and if I can't buymy honey from a farmers market, my favorite store bought honey is theOrganic Wild Collected Raw Honey from Trader Joe's.  Put a little bit of honey in your hand, maybe 1/2 a teaspoon and rub your hands together to warm it up.  I often add a dash of water because the honey can be very thick.  Wash your face the same way you would using a cleanser.  I try to rub the honey on my face for a few minutes but sometimes I do a quick wash when in a hurry.  Then rinse and add your moisturizer.  The website suggests using baking soda with the honey to remove makeup but I found that just using honey was better for my skin and took off my makeup as well.

In case you're interested, here is the link to Crunchy Betty's Honey Face Wash:

Homemade Facial Moisturizer

Second to the honey cleansing, this is my favorite discovery.  After reading the benefits of essential oils on our skin, I was eager to try them as a facial moisturizer.  I recognize that the idea of putting oil on your skin can sound really scary, but the truth is many of the products available strip our skin of its natural oils resulting in problematic skin.   In looking for a moisturizer recipe, I found my way to Crunchy Betty's website once again.   She has developed a recipe for a simple, homemade moisturizer.  Along with her recipe, she outlines the benefits of the oils she recommends and I wanted to add what I have learned. 

Different types of oils have different properties; some are better for dryer skin and some are helpful to oily skin.  I have sensitive skin that is prone to blackheads and because I am 40 and wasn't the best with sunscreen, I like to add nourishing oils that are healing to aging and sun damaged skin.  I first tried grapeseed oil and then apricot kernel oil.  While neither caused breakouts or any other problems, I still felt like they weren't a good fit.  Argan oil is the best fit for my skin leaving it feelingsoft and moisturized but not oily.  I am still surprised when I can rub my hand down my face and all I feel is smooth, soft skin.  No blackheads, no bumps and no pimples.  Over the past year, I have played with my own recipe and currently use argan as my base oil with a few few drops of carrot seed oil, lavender oil and rosehip seed oil. 

Here is the link to Crunchy Betty's simple, homemade facial moisturizer:

My Favorite Facial Exfoliant

Crunchy Betty's site is all about putting real food on your face to nourish and care for it. So many of the ingredients she recommends are already in my kitchen, which makes my skin care regimen convenient and affordable. I took her advice and began using nutmeg to exfoliate my face.  Since then, I keep a jar of it in my shower and add it to my honey face wash once a week. It's that good.

Here is her recipe for Nutmeg microdermabrasion and exfoliator:

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